Top Reasons Not to Date a GRAPHIC DESIGNER

Top Reasons Not to Date a GRAPHIC DESIGNER

Dating does not seem like everyone’s “thing”. There is a tendency of individuals to think themselves as dateable persons. However, there are various kinds of ways to define dateable. Someone who is nice-looking, funny, patient or has weird fetish might spark your interest and BOOM! they marked as dateable. Nonetheless, you might also find interest in people who pay attention to detail like how satisfying your clothes-pattern is. This must be one in a million chances for some people to have partner who pay compliments for your sense of fashion though you are not feeling in the mood to even exist.

Now that is a reason why someone thought to be dateable for paying attention to detail, but…what if it turns out to be little too annoying? Like when you go on a date with this ‘special someone’ and they start noticing too much about everything. Not only noticing particular appearance they also starting to over-analyse it. Should you freak out? Not yet. In some cases, there must be a trace of graphic designer in your special one if one really does pay attention too much to everything, specially patterns. Should you freak out now? YES PLEASE.

Basically, each person has their own words to describe graphic designer. Most people can relate to others’ on how simply complicated graphic designers are. One thing that top facts about graphic designer is how they always look sleepy. This cant be any less correct, even when the first time you encounter your fella graphic designer its like “24/7 ON” written on their forehead. Now, is someone looking sleepy considered as a dateable person? Besides judging the book only by its cover (which actually graphic designer favorite thing), here for your considerations, we serve you most common reasons why graphic designers are not to date.

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