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The Glorious Font Bundle: 25 High-Quality Fonts - 99% Off

A collection of 25 glorious font every designer should have

We are thrilled to announce our new bundle: The Glorious Font Bundle. This bundle contains a huge collection of high-quality fonts, varying from sans serif, serif, display and script. Whether you're working on branding, advertisement, t-shirt design, you name it; this bundle has you covered.

You will get 25 glorious fonts; Some come up with a lot of alternate characters, and the other have family and styles, which make total 141 individual fonts included in this package. All created by industry leading designers to help you improve your design quality and save hours of your time.

All 25 fonts included in this bundle are worth $3094. But for a limited time, you can grab it for only $29, saving you a whopping 99% off only at Pixelo.

What’s included in this bundle?

  • 25 quality fonts: display, script, serif, and sans serif;
  • Some fonts have family and styles, total 141 fonts included;
  • Many fonts include a bunch of alternate characters;
  • Commercial License, check out more about the license;
  • Lifetime download access;
  • Unlimited support and quick response.

This is an overview of all resources included in this bundle

We highly recommend you to scroll down through the entire page to get the idea of the features included before deciding to purchase this bundle. Don’t hesitate to let us know if there is something We could help.


Let’s take a look at all wonderful products within this bundle:

1. Dorrotthy Script by Blessed Print

Welcome to The Dorrotthy. Premium quality handwritten font with elegant imperfections. It includes 3 individual fonts full of alternates and ligatures with a collection of swashes.

Dorrotthy script was originally drawn by a professional calligrapher Eugene Spizhovy in collaboration with BlessedPrint. All glyphs include a maximum of texture imperfections with italic rough appearance. It is perfect for branding, logos, wedding invitations and inspirational quotes.

Language Support

Afrikaans, Albanian, Asu, Basque, Bemba, Bena, Bosnian, Catalan, Chiga, Congo Swahili, Cornish, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Faroese, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Ganda, German, Gusii, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Jola-Fonyi, Kabuverdianu, Kalenjin, Kinyarwanda, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luo, Luyia, Machame, Makhuwa-Meetto, Makonde, Malagasy, Malay, Manx, Morisyen, North Ndebele, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Nyankole, Oromo, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Romansh, Rombo, Rundi, Rwa, Samburu, Sango, Sangu, Sena, Shambala, Shona, Slovak, Slovenian, Soga, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Swiss German, Taita, Teso, Turkmen, Vunjo, Welsh, Zulu

Files included:

  • Dorrotthy (TTF)
  • Dorrotthy-Alt1 (TTF)
  • Dorrotthy-Alt2 (TTF)
  • Dorrotthy Swashes (TTF)

2. Amelia Script Fine version by Blessed Print

Amelia Script is revolutionary new modern calligraphy typeface with more then 150 end-swashes that perfectly connects each single letter. It supports opentype features. It is smart and it is working in Photoshop without necessary to open glyph panel! You are welcome to use it for various purposes: logo, wedding invitation, headings, signatures, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, labels, posters etc.

Files included:

  • Amelia Script Fine Version (TTF)
  • Amelia Script PP Fine Version (TTF)

3. Bunita Swash by Buntype

Based on a contemporary, modern sans, Bunita™ Swash was inspired by traditional calligraphic script and handwritten typefaces. The result is an outstanding script font with low contrast, a large x-height and open counters which also provides a huge variety of ligatures, swashed or ribbonized characters and styles. Bunita™ Swash is always beautiful and friendly. But it can also be cute, formal or elegant. All Depends on your choices from the numerous automated opentype formatting options.

File included:

  • Bunita Swash Hair (OTF)
  • Bunita Swash Light (OTF)
  • Bunita Swash Thin (OTF)
  • Bunita Swash SemiLight (OTF)
  • Bunita Swash Swash (OTF)
  • Bunita Swash SemiBold (OTF)
  • Bunita Swash Bold (OTF)
  • Bunita Swash ExtraBold (OTF)

4. Bunuelo Clean Pro by Buntype

A contemporary, clear and minimalistic font with a friendly and smooth appearance. Bunuelo™ Clean is based on a squarish form, all edges are slightly rounded and spurs are completely absent. In addition, the endings of terminals follow the curvature.

This gives the glyphs a very smooth, friendly and a little bit bubbly look – especially in the bolder styles because the smoothing increases with the weight. Together with the minimalistic and clear letterforms, Bunuelo™ Clean has become a very distinct, strong character.

Bunuelo™ Clean ships with 8 upright and 7 real italic styles from an unusually thin Hair to a pretty fat Heavy weight. It provides a bunch of professional typographic features like stylistic alternates, ligatures, Small Capitals, 9 sets of figures, slashed zeros, support for at least 58 languages and much more.

Each professional style contains up to than 870 Characters.

File included:

  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Heavy (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Extra Bold (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Bold (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Semi Bold (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Regular (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Semi Light (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Light (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Thin (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Hair (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Extra Bold Italic (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Bold Italic (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Semi Bold Italic (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Regular Italic (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Semi Light Italic (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Light Italic (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Thin Italic (OTF)
  • Bunuelo Clean Pro Hair Italic (OTF)

05. Marschel Pro by Zeune Ink Foundry

Please Welcome, Marschel Pro. This version is an upgrade from the previous one, with Pro version you will get the packs of amazing stylistic sets characters that will improve your designs and make it feel unique. It’s consist of more than 400+ glyphs including special characters, unique ligatures and allow you to mix and match so much pairs of letters. It’s perfect for weddings, headline, movie title, logos, branding, invitations, quotes, social media, websites, magazine and so much more.

The typeface offers numerous combination possibilities between the basic glyph set and stylistic sets.The stylistic sets are alternate alphabets that you can access by using OpenType savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CC, CorelDraw and Adobe InDesign. Do not use any third party software that not support the OTF (Open Type Format) feature.

Files included:

  • Marschel Pro (OTF)
  • Marschel Pro SS04 (TTF)
  • Marschel Pro SS06 (TTF)
  • Marschel Pro SS05 (TTF)
  • Marschel Pro SS02 (TTF)
  • Marschel Pro SS01 (TTF)
  • Marschel Pro SS03 (TTF)
  • Marschel Pro Ligatures (TTF)

6. Likely Font Family by Adam Ladd

Likely is a joyful, brush script type family with complementary all-caps sans and extras styles. Hand drawn freely but carefully, each of the fonts are designed to work together to present a vibrant and natural package.

Layer and colorize the free “Counter” styles to easily enhance the color palette, or explore using the over 170 matching catchwords and shapes to make your designs even more fun!

Special features include ligatures, stylistic alternates, and swash endings for certain characters to add a little more rhythm and flair to your type. Those glyphs are also Private Use Area encoded to make them accessible in software that is not OpenType-savvy. Extended Latin languages covered.

Also included in the zipped font family folder are vector .AI and .EPS files for Likely Catchwords and Likely Shapes (so you can access them via the .otf font files or these files).

File included:

  • Likely (OTF)
  • Likely Sans (OTF)
  • Likely Fill (OTF)
  • Likely Shapes (OTF)
  • Likely Counter (OTF)
  • Likely Sans Fill (OTF)
  • Likely Catchwords (OTF)
  • Likely Sans Counter (OTF)

7. Active Font Family by Adam Ladd

Active is a 6-style, upright brush script family with slanted and fill styles. Hand-drawn with brush and ink, it is confident while expressive, and has a textured appearance. The slightly condensed proportions help it stand a little taller, and the slanted and fill versions each give the typeface a little extra twist. Loud yet personal, Active will work great for packaging, branding, merchandise, quotes, posters, etc.

Automatic ligatures replace repeating characters for all basic latin letters (both upper and lowercase) for a more genuine look. Stylistic alternates for certain uppercase characters (like A, L, R, and more) will help add visual interest to your typography.

Also included in the 400+ glyph count are catchwords (just turn on discretionary ligatures, or access via the glyphs panel in OpenType savvy programs) and ornamental extras, like symbols and lines.

Files included:

  • Active Fill Regular (OTF)
  • Active Two Regular (OTF)
  • Active OneFill-Regular (OTF)
  • Active One Regular (OTF)
  • Active TwoFill-Regular (OTF)
  • Active Regular (OTF)

8. Drina Font by Posterizer KG

Drina is a script handwritten font with a casual and modern look. Because of the spontaneity there are plenty of Standard and Discretionary Ligatures to avoid frequent repetition of letters. If you find a single repeating glyphs, you can change that by toggling between Stylistic Alternates. There are ligatures created for Cyrillic too, more then 100 symbols, ornaments and artworks with inky texture. Drina is the perfect choice for all natural and authentically beautiful things.

File included:

  • Drina (OTF)

9. Bali Beach Font by Posterizer KG

Bali Beach is a script handwritten font with a casual, inky and modern look. You can use the alternates and ligatures to give your design a realistic, hand painted look.

If you find a single repeating glyph, you can change that by toggling between Stylistic Alternates. There are Cyrillic glyphs and more then 150 playful Dingbats with inky texture.

Bali Beach is the perfect choice for all natural and unconventional beautiful things.

File included:

  • Bali Beach (OTF)

10. Omorika Font by Posterizer KG

Omorika font is very unique, with rough, rustic and raw hand­written serif typefaces with unformal look. It makes a perfect font to create the hand-made character look, or to supplement illustrations with typography. Technicaly this is a Condensed, Head­line, Grunge Serif, Sketch, Hand Display Font. There are plenty of Standard and Discretionary Ligatures to avoid frequent repetition of letters. If you find

There are plenty of Standard and Discretionary Ligatures to avoid frequent repetition of letters. If you find a single repeating glyph, you can change that by toggling between Stylistic Alternates. It contains ligatures created for Cyrillic more then 100 languages supports, and more then 100 dingbats. OMORIKA would look good in head­lines, magazines or web­sites, party flyers, movie pos­ters, music posters, music covers or web banners… all natural and authentically beautiful things.

OMORIKA would look good in head­lines, magazines or web­sites, party flyers, movie pos­ters, music posters, music covers or web banners, all natural and authentically beautiful things.

File included:

  • Omorika (OTF)

11. Westcraft Sans by Tortugastudio

Westcraft Sans is a new vintage display sans serif type family. It’s simple, yet quite strong and robust in its confident approach. It takes inspiration from vintage american typography, retro signage, propaganda and baseball posters, wooden type and typefaces of a prohibition era.

Westcraft Sans was meant to be a typeface family based on American typography heritage with a great attention to execution level and overall quality that one could keep on hand and use frequently for a variety of design jobs on an ongoing basis. And now I’m super happy that it’s ready to be released into the world and that I can share it with you.

Westcraft Sans is extremely versatile. It’s available in a number of different styles which can be paired together for an outstanding result. It can look clean, crispy and modern or can meld an authentic vintage feel with nods at classic woodcut type and print aesthetic.

You don’t have to waste time applying some textures anymore. Previously textured styles are already here. Just take a look at Westcraft Stamp styles. Don’t need a texture but just want a so called perfectly imperfect edge to letters? Not a problem! Check out the Westcraft Rough styles.

Maybe you’d like that smooth and classy feeling to your design. In such a case we have Westcraft Soft styles with carefully rounded edges.

Want to spice up your design with an additional western flavor? Then try Westcraft Spurs styles.

Still isn’t enough? Ok then, we’ve made Westcraft Inline styles as well as combinations of previously mentioned styles such as Westcraft Spurs Stamp or Inline Soft. 15 font files in total!

Check out the promo images to see all the styles and to get a grasp on how you can use it.

It’s perfect for Logos and Badges, Lables, Food and Alcohol Packaging, Titles, T-shirts, Book Covers, Type pieces, Menus, Signage, Posters, Prints, Handmade and Vintage Brands, Sports Designs, Cafe and Restaurants and others.

File included:

  • Westcraft Sans Soft (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Clean (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Stamp 3 (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Rough 3 (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Stamp 2 (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Rough 2 (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Rough 1 (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Stamp 1 (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Spur Soft (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Spur Rough (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Clean Spur (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Spur Stamp (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Soft Inline (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Clean Inline (OTF)
  • Westcraft Sans Inline Rough (OTF)

12. Signorita by Tortugastudio

Signorita is an upright, casual, unconnected script typeface with a friendly lively temper, flavor of old times and warmth of the human hand. It’s inspired by the beauty of all-American craft of sign painting and is made to look like it’s hand painted. Signorita is intended as a reliable workhorse to creating Logos, Signage, Packaging T-shirts and Apparel, Mugs and Tots, Textile, Greeting cards, Invitations, Captions, Headers, Titles, Ads, Posters, Prints, Book Jackets, Quotes, Storefronts and so much more!

Each letter was carefully hand-painted with brush and ink, then meticulously and professionally vectorized with minimally necessary amount of the anchor points to ensure smooth and clean outlines. After that letters were prepared for digital typesetting using pretty excellent Glyphs software. Signorita features an upper- and lowercase characters, punctuation glyphs, numerals, diacritical marks, currency symbols and international language support.

Signorita comes in two flavors: Signorita and Signorita Rough. The only difference between them is that the latter features intentionally uneven distressed edges to give the letters a bit of that natural vintage look of warp and age.

As a free bonus you’ll get 5 vector logos which you can see on preview images. Its text and colors are easy and fully editable. Please notice that mock-ups of brick wall, window, sign and t-shirt don’t included, only vector logos itself do.

File included:

  • Signorita Normal (OTF)
  • Signorita Rough Normal (OTF)

13. Garibaldi by Harbor Type

Garibaldi is a text typeface based on humanist calligraphy. It has an organic look and feel, while preserves the traditional construction of roman typography. It all started with a desire to learn more about the origin of the strokes on humanist typefaces. To accomplish that, Garibaldi features a 20° axis, medium contrast based on translation and expansion, asymmetric serifs, and terminals related to the broad nib stroke.

Garibaldi Regular was nominated for Tipos Latinos 2014. Since then, the family was expanded with more weights and matching italics, making it a solid choice for setting books, magazines, and documents. Among many OpenType features, each font contains small caps, ligatures, and contextual alternates, totaling more than 750 glyphs and supporting at least 80 languages.

File included:

  • Garibaldi (OTF)
  • Garibaldi Italic (OTF)
  • Garibaldi Medium (OTF)
  • Garibaldi Medium Italic (OTF)
  • Garibaldi Bold (OTF)
  • Garibaldi Bold Italic (OTF)
  • Garibaldi Black (OTF)
  • Garibaldi Black Italic (OTF)

14. Baling-Ink by Magrib

Baling Ink type is expressive brush dan hand drawn typeface designed to help you create the look of stunning custom hand-lettering.

Baling Ink The typeface offers numerous combination possibilities between the basic glyph set and stylistic sets.The stylistic sets are alternate alphabets that you can access by using OpenType-savvy programs such as Adobe, Do not use any third party software that not support the OTF (Open Type Format) feature.

Baling Ink is an experimental and versatile font. Suitable for digital lettering, prints, logo, poster, t-shirt, graffiti, packaging and applicable for some type of graphic design.

File included:

  • Baling Ink (OTF)

15. Addictype Pro by Maghrib

Addictype is hand painted typeface designed to help you create the look of stunning custom hand-lettering.

Addictype comes with upper and lowercase characters, punctuation, numerals, and Addictype is very best choice fonts for: quotes, Posters, Logos, Print Ads, Digital Ads, Promotion Product, video bumper, etc.

Stylistic alternates,  ligatures, and contextual alternates, for key lower case characters, are also available, accessible in the Adobe Illustrator Glyphs panel, or under Stylistic Alternates in the Adobe Photoshop OpenType menu.

Files included:

  • Addictype (OTF)

16. Haiti Organic Brush Font + Extras by Favete Art

I’m pleased to introduce you Haiti, a friendly brush font with organic texture. It was originally drawn by ink and brush and then carefully digitized, so It has a very natural feel.

Haiti comes with full set of lowercase alternates and it’s PUA encoded (specially coded fonts) which means that you will be able to access all characters from any application and you don’t need to have Illustrator or Photoshop to access all extra characters. Instruction of how to use PUA glyphs is included (it’s super-easy and you don’t need any special programs)

For those of you who have OpenType capable software: you can access the alternates by turning on ‘Stylistic Alternates’ and ‘Ligatures’ buttons on in Photoshop’s Character panel, or via any software with a glyphs panel, e.g. Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC.

You will get:

  • Standart lowercase and uppercase characters (click on preview to see them all)
  • Alternative characters for lowercase (full set)
  • Language support for most of European languages (please test your language in the test window below, if some characters that you need are not there – please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll do my best to add them)
  • 20 hand drawn doodles (PNG, EPS)
  • 6 seamless patterns (JPG, EPS)

You will get font both in OTF and TTF.

Haiti is a perfect font for:

  • Branding & logo design
  • Typography posters
  • Apparel design
  • Greeting cards
  • Wedding stationary
  • Book and magazine covers


  • Stylistic Alternates
  • Adobe Latin 3 Character sets
  • Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard)
  • Accents (Multilingual characters)
  • PUA Encoded

Files included:

  • Haiti (OTF)

17. Kaleido Script Brush Font by Favete Art

Introducing Kaleido – a brand-new script font made with dry brush. With awesome texture and playful baseline this font is a great choice for branding, poster designs and wedding invitations.

What makes Kaleido unique

  • Handdrawn with of dry brush
  • Full set of lowercase & uppercase letters
  • Full set of lowercase alternates
  • PUA encoded – no special software required to access extra characters, instruction for Mac and Windows included
  • Extensive language support – just type your text in the window below & check if font has characters that you need

You will find the font in both OTF and TTF formats.No special software is required to use Kaleido, just install it as you normally do on your system.


  • Adobe Latin 3 Character Set
  • Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard)
  • Accents (Multilingual characters)
  • 334 glyphs

Files included:

  • Kaleido (OTF)

18. Strongwill Typeface by Alterdeco Inc.

It’s a hand drawn, hand lettered vintage style typeface. It’s a perfect font for your hand-drawn logos and branding. the typeface family includes 2 different styles, regular & all caps, you can play with it. also, includes some ligatures -*we will provide some more ligatures & glyphs in every update.

Files included:

  • Strongwill Typeface (OTF)
  • Strongwill Typeface (OTF)

19. Epique Typeface by Alterdeco Inc.

Epique typeface, it’s a victorian and ornamental typeface, it’s inspired by old victorian and ornamental typography design, with a modern and clean shape and it’s perfect for creating a wedding invitation (initial), a headline, or logotype, or even a t-shirt/apparel design.

Files included:

  • Epique Typeface (OTF, TTF)

20. Felisha by Artimasa

Felisha is a multipurpose bold typeface which can be used in both modern or vintage design style. Felisha comes with 2 different styles: Regular and Rough. They are suitable for retro sign, vintage-style, badge, branding, poster, etc.

Files included:

  • Felisha (OTF)
  • Felisha (OTF)

21. Mattilda by Artimasa

Mattilda is a script typeface inspired by free style brush lettering which is great to use in urban and free design styles. It is bold, fun and attractive. You can make your own brush-lettering logo, wedding invitation, greeting cards, etc.

Product Content:

  • Mattilda (OTF, TTF)

22. Winterfell by Artimasa

Winterfell is a dancing script font that proportionally presents natural feel to create a personal message with calligraphy style. You can use Winterfell in wedding invitation, greeting cards, valentine day, etc. Winterfell consist of 331 glyphs in total and 159 alternative characters to play with. Mix and match the alternative characters to create an attractive message or a hand-made content.

The alternative characters in Winterfell font were divided into several OpenType features such as Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Sets, and Ligature. The OpenType features can be accessed by using an OpenType savvy program such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Product Content:

  • Winterfell (OTF, TTF, PDF)

23. Bellfort by Leitmotif

Bellfort family features 7 different sub-families: Regular, Rough, Press, Shadow, Press shadow, Shadow Only, Script. Each of these sub-families contains up to four font weights.
When the font is used in OpenType-savvy applications, the 3 variants of glyphs are automatically alternated to achieve a random-like effect.
When not using the Contextual Alternates feature, you can still pick the alternates in the Glyphs palette or use the alternates available from the keyboard upper and lower case.

Bellfort Script is a handwritten, fully connected script with ligatures and contextual alternates to help with flow and readability.

Language support includes Western, Central and Eastern European character sets, as well as Baltic and Turkish languages.

File includes:

  • Bellfort Thin (OTF)
  • Bellfort Light (OTF)
  • Bellfort (OTF)
  • Bellfort Bold (OTF)
  • Bellfort Rough Light (OTF)
  • Bellfort Rough (OTF)
  • Bellfort Rough Bold (OTF)
  • Bellfort Press Thin (OTF)
  • Bellfort Press Thin (OTF)
  • Bellfort Press Light (OTF)
  • Bellfort Press (OTF)
  • Bellfort Press Bold (OTF)
  • Bellfort Shadow Light (OTF)
  • Bellfort Shadow (OTF)
  • Bellfort Shadow Bold (OTF)
  • Bellfort Press Shadow Light (OTF)
  • Bellfort Press Shadow (OTF)
  • Bellfort Press Shadow Bold (OTF)
  • Bellfort Shadow Only Light (OTF)
  • Bellfort Shadow Only (OTF)
  • Bellfort Shadow Only Bold (OTF)
  • Bellfort Script Light (OTF)
  • Bellfort Script (OTF)
  • Bellfort Script (OTF)
  • Bellfort Script Press (OTF)
  • Bellfort Rough Demo (OTF)
  • Bellfort Extra (OTF)

24. Ripley Font by Leitmotif

Ripley is a handwritten fully connected script with ligatures and contextual alternates to help with flow and readability. Every lowercase letter has three variations. When the font is used in OpenType-savvy applications, the 3 variants of glyphs are automatically alternated to achieve a random-like effect.

Language support includes Western, Central and Eastern European character sets, as well as Baltic and Turkish languages.

Files included:

  • Ripley Light (OTF)
  • Ripley (OTF)
  • Ripley Bold (OTF)

25. Mercenary by Miller Type

Mercenary is a geometric font family made up of seven weights with italics. Great for almost any use, Mercenary is a versatile workhorse typeface. Mercenary has a neutral feel, allowing it to be used on numerous projects across different platforms.

Files included:

  • Mercenary Thin (OTF)
  • Mercenary Thin Italic (OTF)
  • Mercenary Light (OTF)
  • Mercenary Light Italic (OTF)
  • Mercenary Regular (OTF)
  • Mercenary Italic (OTF)
  • Mercenary Medium (OTF)
  • Mercenary Medium Italic (OTF)
  • Mercenary Bold (OTF)
  • Mercenary Bold Italic (OTF)
  • Mercenary Black (OTF)
  • Mercenary Black Italic (OTF)
  • Mercenary Ultra (OTF)
  • Mercenary Ultra Italic (OTF)


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