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The Massive Overlays Bundle

Pixelo is happy to launch a huge overlays bundle: The Massive Overlays Bundle.

This bundle is a versatile tool not just for photography & design professionals but for everyone. Now you can simply drag the Photoshop overlays, drop them onto a picture, and adjust them through blending modes to achieve different effects. 

You will undoubtedly find the photo overlay templates to your liking, whether you need flowers, bokeh lights, snow, sunset sky overlays, clouds, balloons, butterflies, confetti, light leaks, starry sky, aurora borealis, and many more.

The Massive Overlays Bundle includes 2900+ overlays included in this deal. We’ve included a variety of overlays, which range in different shapes, sizes & intensities.

Using these overlays in Photoshop and layering them will dramatically enhance your final images’ realism. Breathe joy & excitement into a design with these realistic photo overlays.

All our deals at Pixelo come with Extended Use License, now design unlimited projects for personal and commercial purposes.

Originally, the value of this deal is $1575. But today you can get it for $39 only.

What’s included in this bundle?

  • 2900+ Photo Overlay templates.
  • Lifetime Usage Access
  • Commercial License, check out more about the license;
  • Unlimited support and quick response.


Below is the document related to The Massive Overlays Bundle. It is also included in the download.

We highly recommend you to scroll down through the entire page to get an idea of the features included before deciding to purchase this bundle. Don’t hesitate to let us know if there is something We could help with.

Let’s take a look at all the wonderful products within this bundle:

This Simple Yet Awesome Pack Features:

  • Confetti Overlays
  • Ribbon Overlays
  • Feathers Overlays
  • Leaves Overlays
  • Water Droplet Overlays
  • Dry Ink Textures
  • Coffee & Paper Textures and Brushes
  • Dusty Overlay Textures
  • Abstract Neon Backgrounds
  • Vintage Paper Textures
  • Lettering Love Overlays
  • Lens Flare Photoshop Overlays
  • Blowing kisses Photoshop Overlays
  • Lightning Photoshop Overlays
  • Soap Bubbles Photo Overlays
  • Rainbow Photo Overlays
  • Sky Photoshop Overlays
  • Firework Photo Overlays
  • Rose Petal Photoshop Overlays
  • Falling Snow Photo Overlays
  • Аurora Borealis Photo Overlays
  • Light Leaks Photo Overlays
  • Realistic Smoke Photo Overlays
  • Eagle Photo Overlays
  • Rabbit Photo Overlays
  • Seagull Photo Overlays
  • Tulip Photo Overlays
  • Number Balloons Photo Overlays
  • Glitter Photo Overlays
  • Rain Photo Overlays
  • Fog Photo Overlays
  • Poppie Flowers Photo Overlays 
  • Butterfly Photo Overlays
  • Green Tree Branch Photo Overlays
  • Single Clouds Overlays
  • Heart Bokeh Overlays
  • Bonfire Overlays
  • Blowing Snow Kisses Overlays
  • Natural Sun Lights Photo Overlays
  • Christmas Photo Masks Overlays
  • Tropic Brunch Overlays
  • Christmas Tree Brunch Overlays
Ribbon Overlays

Feathers Overlays

high-resolution-png-feathers- (1)

Leaves Overlays

Water Droplet Overlays
Dry Ink Textures
O6Z6JNuKo8 (1)

Coffee & Paper Textures and Brushes

4UBu249cM3 (1)

Dusty Overlay Textures

ajwrfmtur4 (1)
wxtQmvm6gD (1)

Abstract Neon Backgrounds

Nyu8TNCwDW (1)

Vintage Paper Textures

IFbwFrkNtd (1)

Lettering Love Overlays


Lens Flare Photoshop Overlays


Blowing kisses Photoshop Overlays

Lightning Photoshop Overlays

Rainbow Photo Overlays


Soap Bubbles Photo Overlays


Sky Photoshop Overlays


Firework Photo Overlays


Rose Petal Photoshop Overlays


Falling Snow Photo Overlays

Аurora Borealis Photo Overlays

Light Leaks Photo Overlays

Realistic Smoke Photo Overlays


Eagle Photo Overlays


Rabbit Photo Overlays


Seagull Photo Overlays


Tulip Photo Overlays

06- (1)

Number Balloons Photo Overlays

Glitter Photo Overlays
Rain Photo Overlays

Poppie Flowers Photo Overlays

Butterfly Photo Overlays

Single Clouds Overlays

Green Tree Branch Photo Overlays

Heart Bokeh Overlays

Bonfire Overlays

Blowing Snow Kisses Overlays

Natural Sun Lights Photo Overlays

Christmas Photo Masks Overlays

Tropic Brunch Overlays

Christmas Tree Brunch Overlays

7 reviews for The Massive Overlays Bundle

  1. Ron Capek

    So often, we will look at our photographs and think “if only it had ‘something’.”
    All these overlays provide many possible elements that can help make your image what you imagined it could be.
    Also, just looking through all these overlays will give you ideas of things you can do with images that you haven’t yet shot.

  2. Steve Oliver

    Very pleased with this bundle, I know that I will use the contents on many photographs to improve their appearance.

  3. Zakk Baltgailis

    Massive content group for a low price and a commercial use license. Just download, install and jump right in. I can’t wait to see where these take me in the future.
    I love the ease of pixelo for use and their new updates on packages.

  4. rgcapek

    I just downloaded this massive collection yesterday. And I don’t have any images to show yet.
    But the reason I got it is because, often, you have images where you look at them and think “if it had only something, something.”
    Well. Just looking through this collection, you get ideas for all kinds of “something, somethings.”
    It’s fun to think of the things you can do with this bundle!

  5. Grant Anderson

    A great bundle for someone getting started with photography overlays or looking to fill out a library of tools. Just looking through them gives me inspiration for cool photo ideas.

  6. Barry Johnson

    I have not had a chance to create with this amazing bundle yet, But have inspected the package content, There is some amazing overlays and brushes, also fantastic textures as well, A must have for us Photographers

  7. Shannon McRoberts

    This is a most excellent collection of all the things I needed and had been looking for with just the right kind of commercial license. I am over the moon with the birds, feathers, flower petals, skies, and the “cloth” pieces. Normally I’d have to pay 40 dollars for just one of these things with commercial use. I’m glad I saw the ad and purchased. Pixelo is now one of my go to sites for these kinds of deals.

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