The Design Panoply Bundle: 1199 High Quality Fonts & Design Elements

The Design Panoply Bundle: 1199 High Quality Fonts & Design Elements


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Designers are always looking for more.

More graphics. More textures. More brushes. Well, with this amazing bundle you'll get all that and more!

Today we are absolutely thrilled to team up with John at Design Panoply.

The Design Panoply Bundle sports 1,199 unique elements to massively beef up your artistic toolbox and arm you with everything you need to create just about any project under the sun.

This highly anticipated collection includes a total of 8 brand spanking new font families and 29 huge design packs with over 1100 design elements, textures, scene creators, layer styles, brushes, actions & more - All for the price of one!

As with all our bundles, this bundle also comes with an Extended Use License, allowing you to use them across a wide range of personal & commercial projects.

Originally, the value of this bundle is $1002. But today, you can get it just for $29, only at

What’s included in this bundle?

  • 8 brand spanking fonts: display, script, hand-drawn and more;
  • Some fonts have family and styles, total 13 fonts included;
  • Over 1100 amazing web design elements;
  • Actions, brushes, scene creators, layer styles, mockups, textures, elements and more;
  • Commercial License, check out more about the license;
  • Lifetime download access;
  • Unlimited support and quick response.


Below are the documents related to the Design Panoply Bundle. They can be viewed by clicking the links below. They are also included in the download.

This is an overview of all resources included in this bundle

We highly recommend you to scroll down through the entire page to get the idea of the features included before deciding to purchase this bundle. Don’t hesitate to let us know if there is something We could help.

Let’s take a look at all wonderful products within this bundle:

1. San Luis Script Font

San Luis is a slightly rugged script that is inspired by the cool breeze and soft sand of the central California coast. It’s fun and flowing, but also classy and elegant.

Included are plenty of OpenType features like ligatures and initial and terminal forms for a little extra flair.

Multilingual characters are also included to cover a majority of Latin-based languages.

San Luis works best at large sizes and is perfect for headings, publications, labels, logos, signage, and more.

2. Grembo Font Duo

The Grembo Font Duo is a warm and welcoming combination. It’s the friendliest pairing you’ll find, making it perfect for invitations, logos, promotional graphics, and more.

Grembo Hand is an all caps sans serif that works best at large sizes, but maintains legibility at smaller sizes too.

Grembo Script is hand drawn, yet smooth, giving it an authentically hand crafted feel.

These two fonts can be used together, or separately, any time you want to convey a caring, friendly feel.

Multilingual characters are included for both, making this dynamic duo as beautiful as it is flexible.

3. Blocklyn Font Family + Mockups

The Blocklyn Font Family is big, bold, and badass, but won’t be relegated only to a masculine design style.

Included are 4 fonts: Condensed, Condensed Italic, Grunge, and Grunge Italic, plus 2 hardcore, 3,000 x 2,000 pixel PSD mockups templates.

This font includes standard and extended Latin characters as well as numbers and symbols.

Web fonts are also included, making it easy to deploy Blocklyn on your website.

4. Cosmodrome Monoline Script Font

Cosmodrome Monoline Script is a typeface with a seriously fun aesthetic, perfect for logos, posters, signage, and more.

Included are standard Latin characters, extended Latin characters for multilingual support, select ligatures, and a complete set of numbers and symbols.

Cosmodrome is as flexible as it is beautiful, and works for everything from futuristic posters to feminine logotypes.

As a bonus, webfonts are also included, making it easy to deploy this typeface on your website.

5. Canterbury Font + Bonus Mockups

Canterbury is a classy and whimsical, handmade serif typeface with refined character and a ton of flexibility. It’s well suited to anything from logos, vintage graphics, child-like type, and much more.

OpenType features include various contextual and stylistic alternates for added customization. Webfont licensing and multilingual support are also included, see the preview images for the full set of included glyphs.

As a free bonus, you get 2 premade PSD Smart Object mockup templates. The mockups 11 high resolution, photo-based PNG objects, a beautiful handmade vector wreath, and subtly detailed background images.

You can easily copy and paste in your own designs, or even use the individual items in other projects.

6. Emellie Script Font

Emellie is unique calligraphic typeface with fun feminine swashes, and is perfect for logos, greeting cards, wedding collateral, and more.

Included are standard Latin characters, uppercase alternates, initial and terminal forms, numbers and symbols, extended Latin characters, and select ligatures.

Emellie is complete and beautiful, and will find itself right at home in any project requiring a script font.

As a bonus, webfonts are also included, making it easy to deploy this typeface to your website.

7. Maloishe Brush Script Font

Maloishe is a handmade brush script font that is oozing with character. It is the perfect typeface for logos, product packaging, signs, and much more.

On the surface, Maloishe looks like a standard font, but it includes more than typical western glyphs.

You get alternate characters for the the entire uppercase alphabet, initial and terminal forms for decorative beginnings and ends, stylistic ligatures, extended Latin characters, Cyrillic characters, numbers, symbols, and more.

This is a full-fledged, production-ready font with no need for customization or editing. OpenType features and multilingual support make it easy to type, save, and go to print.

As a bonus, webfonts are also included, making it easy to deploy Maloishe on your website.

8. Nouvelle Font Family

Nouvelle is an art deco inspired font family with a quirky flair. It includes upper and lowercase letters and all the usual numbers and symbols.

The Nouvelle typeface includes two options: regular and outline, and comes in .TTF TrueType format for maximum compatibility.

9. Cabin at the Lake Wood Textures

There’s nothing like heading up to the ol’ mountains for a peaceful and relaxing getaway. We don’t always get to take time off when we want, but this set of wood textures from a cabin by the lake will grant you a similar serenity.

With 45 total textures weighing in at 4,500 x 3,000 pixels each, you’ll find just the right lumber for the job.

As a bonus, you’ll also get “The Olde Saw Mill” logo mockup, plus the logo design itself, both for free.

10. L’Artiste Subtle Artist Textures

This collection includes a massive 58 textures, plus a bonus logo mockup.

Each texture was professional lit, photographed, and optimized for digital design work. You’ll find everything from canvases and sketch pads to watercolor paper, dark card stock, and more.

These images are perfect as backgrounds and overlays to add a subtle touch of realism to your designs.

As a free bonus, you’ll also get a subtle, artistic logo mockup. It uses Smart Objects, so you just need to copy and paste into your artwork and hit save.

11. Watercolor Wash Bundle

The first volume of the Watercolor Wash Bundle contains 35 creative, hand painted images in 3 useful formats.

Included are 4,800 x 3,200 pixel JPG textures, 2,400 x 1,600 pixel seamless patterns, and 1-click Photoshop layer styles.

There is a huge range of washes for use, from smooth and subtle to dark and complex. Combine these images with Hue/Saturation adjustment layers and more for nearly unlimited effects.

These images are perfect for backgrounds, textiles, mockups, and much more.

12. Paper and Cardboard Textures Pack

This pack contains 62 ultra high resolution paper and cardboard textures, each weighing in at 6,000 x 4,000 pixels.

You’ll find everything from envelopes and crinkled bags to rice paper and book covers.

This complete collection is great for both print and web projects and will enhance your designs for the rest of your design career.

You can use them as backgrounds, overlays, layer masks, and even combine multiple textures to create an endless supply of custom images.

As a bonus, you’ll also get a bonus, 3,000 x 2,000 pixel “grocery bag” mockup. The mockup uses Smart Objects so you can easily insert your own artwork and see it update in real time.

13. Urban Jungle Brick Wall Mockups

This set includes 7 Photoshop Smart Object mockups, making it easy to give your work some urban style.

Just open a PSD mockup and copy/paste your artwork in for instant satisfaction.

These templates are 3,000 x 2,000 pixels each and work with text, graphics, and photos.

14. Picture Frame Mockups

This picture frame mockup kit contains 32 unique frames, 20 different background textures, and is fully customizable.

You can change frame color, matte color, matte size, shadow and lighting direction and intensity, and easily input your own artwork.

Transparent PNG files are also included for easy drag and drop usage outside of Photoshop.

Making your designs and photos look their best has never been easier. Instructions are included, complete with a link to a video walkthrough showing off all the features of this collection.

15. Photography Scene Creator

This photography scene creator is perfect for photographers, videographers, and other creatives to design header images, mockups, and more.

Included are 170 individual isolated objects, 5 premade scenes, and 5 high resolution background textures.

Quickly and easily create a variety of scenes from modern web banners to vintage scrapbooking pages, or simply open a premade scene and customize the text.

Fonts are not included, but links to all the fonts used are, so you can download the exact fonts used if desired.

16. Iron Gym Scene Creator

Easily create weight room and fitness-themed header images, mockups, and other graphics with this iron gym scene creator. Included are 32 isolated objects, 6 high resolution backgrounds, and 3 premade PSD scenes.

This photo-based set features transparent PNG files, so you can drag and drop objects into your own documents. You can also start with 1 of the 3 premade PSD templates, then customize individual items and text.

Each premade scene is 3,000 x 2,000 pixels, with most objects weighing in around 3,000 pixels. The backgrounds are a super high resolution at 5,400 x 3,600 pixels.

Fonts are not included, but a list of fonts used, complete with links, is provided if you want to use the same typefaces shown in the preview images.

17. Kitchen Scene Creator

This scene creator includes 6 premade PSD scenes and 52 high-resolution photos, making it easy to create kitchen themed header and hero images, mockups, or other graphics with ease.

This photo-based set features transparent PNG files so you can drag and drop objects directly into your own documents.

You can also start with 1 of the 6 premade PSD templates, then customize individual items and text.

The premade scenes are 3,000 x 2,000 pixels, while some of the PNG objects weight in at over 5,000 pixels wide, so you’ll have no trouble creating graphics of any size.

Fonts are not included, but a list of fonts used, complete with links, is provided if you want to use the same typefaces shown in the preview images.

18. Burn Baby Burn Woodburning Effects Kit

Burn Baby Burn gives you the freedom to combine a plethora of different backgrounds, overlays, layer styles, and special effects in a nearly unlimited number of ways.

This bundle features a 3,000 x 2,000 pixel PSD template where you can turn layers on and off to mix and match different combinations until you find the one that’s right for you. Just paste in your text or artwork and all the effects are automatically applied.

You can also use the 10 wood backgrounds, 5 grunge vignette overlays, and 6 layer styles separately in your own work, bringing you huge value in one easy to use package.

19. Vintage Canvas Effects

Take your photos from plain to professional with these vintage canvas effects. This Photoshop template uses Smart Objects to automatically transform your images with a simple copy and paste.

Included are 3 border styles and 4 different backgrounds, so you can mix and match for a variety of finished designs. You’ll also find optional color toning adjustments and editable lighting to further customize your work.

20. Farm to Table Vector Pack

This set includes 49 unique farm vectors in both solid and outline styles. You’ll find everything from vehicles and buildings to animals and tools, everything a good farmer should have on their property.

These items are great for logos, packaging, icons, and much more. Each design was drawn using traditional media on paper before being digitized, giving them a handmade look.

AI, EPS, and high resolution PNG files are included.

21. Seaside Nautical Vector Pack

This mega pack of nautical designs contains 75 different vector elements.

You’ll find a huge variety like anchors, flags & banners, sea life, palm trees, flourishes, and a lot more.

Enhance your next beach-themed project with these charming, authentically hand drawn vectors.

22. Greenhaus Floral Vector Pack

This floral vector pack includes 67 beautiful vectors that are perfect for designs related to nature, eco-friendliness, hiking, camping, and more.

You get trees, leaves, flowers, flourishes, and a lot more, making it easy to add an earthy or floral look to your work.

23. Fleur De Lis Vector Pack

The Fleur De Lis is a traditional French symbol signifying perfection, light, and life. It’s a regal, elegant design that can range from simple to ornate.

This pack includes 19 hand made vector designs to help you add some class to your designs.

Also included is a bonus mockup to help you make your logos and typography fancier. The mockup uses Smart Objects, so just copy and paste in your artwork and you’re ready to go.

24. Chalk and Charcoal Photoshop Styles

Craft a realistic, handmade chalk or charcoal look in seconds with these 15 chalk and 15 charcoal effects in a variety of formats.

Use the Photoshop layer styles for quick, 1-click special effects, or the PAT Photoshop pattern files to add custom texture to any layer.

Universal, transparent PNG files let you apply the seamless patterns in any software, making this kit both beautiful and flexible.

25. Vintage Photoshop Styles

These 10 retro Photoshop styles make it easy to take your designs back to the good ol’ days.

Each style can be used on text, shapes, and more.

Also included are PSD files for each style so you can open them individually.

26. 3-Dimensional Seamless Backdrops

Looking for a unique way to show off photos, designs, and more? This pack contains 14 seamless wooden backdrops that will help your work stand out.

27. Space Backgrounds Pack

Create ethereal space-scapes with these 5 eye-catching backgrounds. Taking your design work out of this world isn’t rocket science, at least when you’re armed with a bundle like this.

28. Rust Textures

This pack contains 34 super high resolution rust textures to give your designs some grunge. Almost every texture in this pack is a whopping 5,616 x 3,744 pixels in size.

They work perfectly as backgrounds and overlays, and can also be used as Layer Masks to add texture and depth to any type of layer.

You’ll also get a bonus “rusty logo mockup” utilizing Smart Objects. Just copy and paste in your artwork and the mockup automatically updates.

29. Black and White Scratches

This texture set of 36 black and white scratches was tediously handmade by viciously attacking a pack of poor, defenseless art paper.

These files are perfect as layer masks and overlays to add grit and grunge to your work.

As a bonus, you’ll also get a free “Black Magic” logo mockup. Just paste your design into the Smart Object and it will update automatically, giving you a weathered and worn look.

This powerful set contains over 90 actions ready to use in Adobe Photoshop.

Indie Camera was highly inspired by cover photos of weird indie bands. If you are looking for something special, that will pop out, you have found it now!

30. Grunge Textures

This pack contains 16 grungy textures, including concrete, asphalt, rusty metal, and more that are perfect for both print and web.

31. Leaf Textures

This pack contains 10 leafy textures that are perfect for both print and web. These images are great for green, natural, or eco-friendly designs.

32. Rain Generator

These actions make it easy to add rain effects to any image in just a couple clicks.

This set includes 4 different styles of rain so you can use it over and over again with different results.

You have full control over the angle of your rain, and can use a single action for a light drizzle, or play multiple actions to drench your work in water.

These actions use Smart Objects, so you can edit each and every setting to get the perfect look.

33. Granular Text and Shape Effects

This set of actions and brushes makes it easy to create granular text and shape effects in just a few clicks.

4 actions are included for salt/sugar and gravel/sand, plus you can customize the colors after running each action to create unlimited looks.

Just load the brushes and run an action to get super cool effects. As a bonus, you’ll also get a free scatter brush so you can quickly paint random grains around the canvas for a more realistic look.

34. Bubble Textures Brush Pack

This pack contains 36 bubble-textured Photoshop brushes that are one of a kind, making it easy to add depth and interest with a single click of the mouse.

35. Mesh Brush Pack

This pack contains 27 mesh and netting Photoshop brushes, and are the perfect way to add texture and depth to your images. They can even be used to resemble materials like reptile skin.

36. Sponge Smears Brush Pack

This pack contains 29 Photoshop brushes sourced directly from handmade sponge smears. If you want an authentic look, using genuine brushes like these makes it quick and easy.


37. Photoshop Styles Mega Pack

Save hours without sacrificing the quality of your designs. This Photoshop styles mega pack collection contains 120 premium Photoshop layer styles in a wide variety of elements including metal, water and glass, fire, grunge, seasonal, realistic, colorful, and much more!

Save time and enhance your work in any type of design style from modern and clean to dark and dirty. Just when you think you’re out of ideas, these styles will rejuvenate your creativity and rescue you from that looming deadline.