20 Minimal Vector Logo Templates

This 20 free minimal vector logo templates can be used to create your own logo design or logos for your clients. This freebie contains 20 minimalist logo templates in Adobe Illustrator format. These templates are fully editable, and all fonts used in all templates are free.

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  1. finnart1

    I still have the problem where I am redirected to my account info… Please help!

    • Yudi Arnanda

      Hello, Finna. It must be a problem with cache or cookies on your browser, please tries to clear cache or cookies and try to redownload again. And it will work fine.

  2. Diana

    awesome, thanks much!

  3. dlradio

    I’m having a very difficult time downloading this. The download button keeps redirecting me to my account profile??? Why???

    • Yudi Arnanda

      Hello. Sorry for the inconvenience. A little trouble on our website, we’ve fixed it. Please feel free to re-download, now it works well. Thanks.

  4. doodle AJ

    THANKS! Like the simle clean style!

  5. turzo.ksr

    thank you so much

  6. grafikpro2002

    Thank You! these freebies are a great resource and time saver.

  7. Nilesh

    good stuff thanks

  8. iliannamaciel

    These are some nice templates. Can you please provide the font names and links to download?
    Thank you

  9. Ami

    Thank you!

  10. mtroian228

    Nice, thank you!

  11. bil

    Sweet! Thanks heaps!

  12. doodle


  13. sleepy

    thanks for sharing!

  14. sleepy

    thank you!

  15. YorkiesRule

    Thank you for sharing!

  16. [email protected]

    Looks cool, but please include the font name and the link to download them.

  17. ryanjhughes

    It would be helpful to have a list of all the fonts used and where they can be found please.


  18. Truly

    Thanks so much!

  19. am_iv

    Nice pack! Where can I get the fonts from ??

  20. ralphnicolay

    Thanks for the resources! These are great!

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