Brand Your Instagram Photos With Adobe Photoshop Actions

Brand Your Instagram Photos With Adobe Photoshop Actions

How to Brand Your Instagram Photos With Adobe Photoshop Actions

With the current trends in the world today, designs and creativity are occupying a great deal of the global and digital system. The reason for designing, retouching, image editing, web development, and other graphics and digital creative skills has increased.

Branding of photos turn out to be an essential aspect of digital design. Aside from being an aspect of designing, it is also a very useful tool in the business world. People in business make use of branding to advertise their brand name. Adding your brand name to a photo posted on Instagram will do a lot of advertisements.

To brand a photo is not a difficult task if you take specific Adobe Photoshop Actions.

What are Adobe Photoshop Actions?

Adobe Photoshop Actions involve a sequence of steps carried out to edit photos that can be saved and reused again. They are excellent at adding your business or company brand to your photos on Instagram.

To brand your photos on Instagram using Adobe Photoshop requires some necessary steps. You should take these steps promptly to get a good result. The Adobe Photoshop Actions include the following;

The Create action

The create action is the first Adobe Photoshop Action. It entails creating an activity that fits your style of branding. The create action is the foundation of all other operations of Adobe Photoshop. The create action comprises other simple steps. These steps are:

● Determining and opening the image you want to post on Instagram.

● Click on the action panel; it contains a list of actions in Adobe Photoshop.

● Click on the “New Actions” icon and give it a name of your choice.

● Activate the button for recording and start with a rectangular vector with a resolution of 800 × 120 pixels just below the image.

● Fill the vector layer and set the foreground color to black with 85% opacity behind your image.

You can also create your set of reusable actions. You do this by keeping track of your steps on the Photoshop app. While working, the steps are shown in the action panel such that when you complete your creation, Photoshop records all the steps you took and placed them in the action panel. Perhaps, you deleted something in your creation; Photoshop can create the exact thing you removed with the exact characteristics.

The Import Action

Importing your company or business photo is the next step and also a significant step. Since the vector shape foundation is in place, adding the photo of your company to the action isn’t difficult.

The first thing to do is choosing “placed link” from the file icon, then select the photo file of the Adobe Illustrator. The “placed link” creates a ‘smart object’ layer that secures a link that directs you to the first file.

After taking the above steps, there will be the addition of a ‘place’ step to your action. This action will transfer your chosen photo as smart data and carry out the same adjustment and editing using the exact positioning attributes you used when you placed the graphics first.

Bringing your photo into the graphics is a simple task that includes selecting the “place linked” command at the file menu, and locating and inserting your photo.

The Run Action

The run action is the most significant Adobe Photoshop Action. Once you are satisfied with the view of the text or symbol on the image, you can run the branded graphics on several photos with the use of a self-operating feature titled “Batch processing.” To activate this feature, you choose the batch command from the ‘automate menu’ under ‘file.’

Around the left area of the batch dialogue window, you will find an action dropdown menu. Choose the action you want to perform on this menu. You should then select the source file that houses the images you want to brand.

To the right of the dialogue box, there is a menu of actions in which you will select the folder you want to save it in and give it your preferred title for your last files. If there is a step for saving in your action, you should check the “save as override action command” to be able to perform the batch process without any user input.

When everything is in place, you have set the source and destination file and your selected action, you should select the OK icon to start batch processing. Photoshop then act on a series of images chosen, just like the first one, and then save the new file in the file tagged as the destination folder.

You then get your result of several branded images ready to be posted on Instagram.

There are other Adobe Photoshop Actions aside from these three basic ones. They include;

● CineStock Photoshop Actions.

● Winter Photoshop Actions.

● Watercolor Photoshop Action.

● Double Exposure Photoshop Action.

● Cosmic Photoshop Action.

There are other premium Photoshop Actions, but only a few are listed above.


Adobe Photoshop Actions entail the fundamental series of steps to take when making use of Adobe Photoshop in designing, especially when branding photos. These steps are logical and straightforward, and they provide the best experience and the result you need.

You should consider the Adobe Photoshop Actions and the steps to bring out the best in your creations.

Adobe Photoshop Actions
Adobe Photoshop Actions
Adobe Photoshop Actions
Adobe Photoshop Actions

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