Graphic Design Trends of 2020

Graphic Design Trends of 2020

Keeping up with Graphic Design Trends of 2020


Over the past few years, graphic design has been dominated by futuristic compositions, mind-bending gradients and bold colors. Yet we believe that one of the graphic design trends 2020 is a return to being more natural, harmonious and reserved. 


Heavier, but simple fonts

A heavy fond is usually bold or extra bold. In order to make fonts stand out with a lighter font or simple background, many designers seek the contrast and hierarchy in their designs with these heavier fonts. If you are not quite sure which font to pair, you can always download professional fonts to save time. 


Going monochrome

We’ve already seen web and graphic designers use the monochromatic color effect on pictures. However, we predict this is only going to continue as one of the graphic design trends 2020. The trend has been shifting towards an even more simplified version. In graphic composition, many designers now use their monochrome color filter on partial elements or the whole photo. 


Animations will evolve

One of the massive graphic design trends 2020 will be companies taking more time to offer more unique and better-branded animations. The standard reaction GIF simply does not offer the same impact as animations. Reaction GIFs have the same impact as a stock photo nowadays, primarily because of overuse. Designers cannot afford to still. They have to follow up on the popularity of the updated GIF format and use it to make dynamic use of content and identity.


Image and text masking

When it comes to what is considered ‘new’ in the design world, image and text masking isn’t considered ‘new’. However, it still looks quite modern in 2020. It offers a minimalist and mysterious look by leaving a large portion of the image behind unrevealed. In order to achieve the desired effect, we believe that designers will create compositions with image and text masking while using the heavier typography to stand out. 



These liquid shapes suggest movement, agility, and creativity. Contrast that with geometric shapes that have strictly fixed curves and edges. By leaving out the edges, you get a soft, smooth look that many designers are excited about. This is often combined with other effects such as animations, bright colors and color gradients and semi-transparency.


Stock photos are shifting

We’ve already mentioned the color trend, but we believe that stock photos and images are going to shift as well. You can expect more neutral stock photos, genuine portraits, and muted landscapes as one of the graphic design trends 2020. 


Line art

The trend of outline elements and typography for the last two years is going to evolve into fully animated and illustrated patterns and designs. When we break it down to the core, line art is a simplified, schematic illustration style. This makes it great for conveying ideas and concepts. It looks unobtrusive, elegant and clean. We think it will be one of the preferred decoration styles in the coming year. 

graphic design trend

Patterns and textures

Flat design may have reigned across the web for some time, leaving textures and patterns on the outside looking in. Nowadays we are seeing an increased use of these patterns and textures, but not in the way we’ve seen traditionally. Several patterns being combined into one design or sections of patterns covering the screen will become more popular. If you are not sure what to use or simply need inspiration, you can often find patterns and textures available for download.

graphic design trend

graphic design trend

Muted color palettes

Brands and designers are moving away from the bold and vivid color trends we’ve seen last year. The return will be to the more muted color palettes. These colors have been slightly desaturated with white, black or another complementary color. That doesn’t mean the world is going to be less colorful, it might just seem a bit more reserved. 

graphic design trend

Minimalist landing pages

While some of the changes mentioned are because of the waning popularity of the alternative, a switch to minimalist landing pages may just because of the need for smaller page sizes and better load times. Especially SEO-focused companies are interested because Google rewards pages that load fast with better spots in their ranking. 


One of the benefits is that a modular design and flat background are easy to use for both desktop and mobile users. If you use an illustration, video or even large image, the shift between mobile and desktop is not as seamless as it should be. 


One final benefit from a design standpoint is that information stands out in these minimalist pages. You are instantly drawn to the information and messaging instead of focusing on distracting elements. 


In conclusion

The graphic designs for the coming year are both impressive and diverse. We will see some amazing trends and a return to tradition. We are excited about seeing what the year brings and how these trends will evolve. 

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