Futuristic Designs and Fonts Are the Future of Graphic Design

Futuristic Designs and Fonts Are the Future of Graphic Design

Futuristic Designs and Fonts Are the Future of Graphic Design

Who knows what the future holds? Truth be told, predicting the future is not something humans are very good at – as history has proven it time and time again. However, we can get an idea of how the future of graphic design will look like if we just take a step back and analyze the trends we see today. It is only normal to assume that these graphic design trends and concepts point in the right direction.

Technology is changing. Society is changing. Consumers are changing. What this means is that the world of graphic design needs to change as well. In fact, this domain has been in a constant state of change for years. But why is this change so important for both graphic design specialists and business owners? What will the designs of the future look like?


You Need to Stay Up to Date With the Latest Trends

You, as a graphic designer, need clients to make a living. You are very good at what you do, there is no question about it. However, experience and skill isn’t everything. You need to be aware of the latest trends. Sadly, you can’t keep using the designs you were using last year. In some cases, you can’t even use the concepts that worked so well last year. The reality is that graphic designers need to adapt to the market, to the business environment, and to the consumers. After all, nobody wants an outdated design to represent their company.

But perhaps you are a business owner. Your current website design and layout works just fine, so why would you worry? Then you see a new design, something you have never seen in your life:

You instantly realize that graphic design has evolved so much – in so little time. Your competitors are already working hard on designs that are able to attract more visitors – and potential clients. If you don’t change, you disappear.

This is why keeping up to date with the graphic design trends and trying to predict the future is so important for graphic designers and business owners alike. People and companies who cannot adapt to change will become irrelevant in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the things that will most likely change over the next 10 years.


Futuristic Fonts Are Only Limited by Your Imagination

Nowadays, blocks of text are using the same typeface. Not following this “rule” will usually result in a pretty awkward graphic design. However, it is predicted that the designers of the future will not be bound by these rules. The multi-type approach is already gaining traction with the designer community.

You may not like it, but each word may have its own typeface in the future. Some experts go as far as to say that each letter may use a different typeface. Of course, the differences will be subtle – just enough to emphasize exactly what is important. 

Futuristic fonts are already changing designs. More and more designers are starting to incorporate new, innovative typefaces in their layouts. And let’s face it, some of these fonts look really nice:


Moving Away From Flat Design

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the flat designs of today may not be around for much longer. Yes, “flat design” is the trend these days. Sleek 2D elements that blend together to form stylish layouts are something most graphic designers adore today. There is no trace of gradients or shadows; nothing that implies a third dimension. Very rare are the websites that attempt to use the third dimension to their advantage:

However, in the next 10 years, experts believe this trend will change. UX experts will need something much more stylish and elegant than 2D shapes. It isn’t hard to think about a future where a third dimension is included in graphic designs. Some people even talk about a fourth dimension as well, with sound and even tactile stimuli being included in virtual reality settings. 2D will not be the preferred option for much longer, it seems:

Typography Concepts Will Change

You probably know everything about the concepts of typography. Things like hierarchy, white space, alignment, contrast, consistency, and so on. Well, the good news is that most likely these concepts will change over time. In 10 years, these concepts will be seen as mere constraints.

With the evolution of typefaces and graphic design, the concepts of typography are expected to be sidelined. New concepts will take their place, even though many experts think that there will be no concepts at all. The graphic designer’s imagination and experience will be the only limit.


Let’s Take a Look at a Few Valid Futuristic Designs

Let’s face it: in the not so distant future, we will be the witnesses of some pretty unbelievable futuristic design concepts. Graphic design is evolving at a very rapid pace. Just think about how the layouts looked just 10 years ago. If you think about it, the graphic design field has made huge advancements. It radically changed the face of the Internet.

In the future, it is widely believed that graphic designs will migrate towards a more minimalist approach. Even banners will change:

Futuristic layouts of the present can only give us a glimpse of the many things that can be done, as long as open-minded graphic designers put their wildest ideas into practice. Here is a sample design that could very well be widely used in the future:

Of course, with graphic design changing radically, websites will start to look different. New, unbelievable futuristic design concepts will emerge. We can only dream about the endless possibilities.

Keep in mind that most experts agree that in the future, websites will be based on virtual reality. Graphic designers will have to think from this perspective and create an immersive experience for their audience. Again, a minimalist approach can look extraordinary – when implemented correctly:

In Conclusion

There are many other things that will most likely change in the future when it comes to graphic design. Stock photography will evolve to be the main source of images. In 10 years, a graphic designer will be able to get any image with any imaginable setting. There will no longer be a need for a photographer to take a specific shot.

Logo designs will change as well. Businesses will need to become increasingly creative, or hire graphic designers who know what they’re doing. Logo designs that are daring and innovative will win companies good business. And logos that aim to shock will perform excellently, as do will logos that are experimental.

Lastly, responsive designs will become even more responsive. Today, cleverly-designed layouts resize and adjust to fit your device perfectly. They aim to be as pleasant as possible on any device, of any size. However, one needs to keep in mind that human beings are not devices. In 10 years, “responsive” will mean a whole different thing. It will mean that a design will be able to adjust itself to the person viewing it. Typefaces and colors will change to reflect your mood and your personality. Yes, it is possible; and all you need is for the system to analyze your face through a camera like the one of your phone or your laptop.

Bottom line, graphic design is already evolving. Futuristic designs are being created daily, and each one of them is setting a new standard. And with futuristic designs come futuristic fonts. Each element of graphic design is evolving at a rapid pace. The competition between graphic designers is fierce, and so is the competition between companies. So yes, futuristic designs and fonts really are the future of graphic design. Are you ready for the future?

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