An Animated Lesson of Plant Communication

An Animated Lesson of Plant Communication

I just recently intended to grow plants because I feel like I’m getting older. Also, as a believer of  what’s known for  “we love plants more as we get older”, I’d like to join people who loves greenery. Well of course its not just about loving plants while gracefully aging but things are intensely changing.

Nowadays, plants become obsessions of millenial’s house. Its a fascinating fact that growing plant is no longer unusual and just the right way to keep in touch with nature. I found out many young people strart gardening indoor and its aesthetically pleasing. Succelent is sort of the type of plant to win people’s choice awards of greenery. When people like me (loves greenery but is too lazy) grow plant, gardening is too much of a work. You have to take a good care of it, but it doesnt go that way with succulent because its a smart plant. Well I dont plan to call any of other plants stupid but succelent is very easy to take care of.

So since I’ve mentioned about smart plant, do you guys know that plants communicate? Yes, plant can communicate by sending signals both thorugh air and soil. They are indeed very smart and able to warn other plants to be aware of what happens in the environment. A video project by Ted-ed explains about plant communication through Yukai Du‘s illustration  to clear your thoughts about this.

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