7 Business Card Trends to Get Inspired By

Business card is somehow still manage to survive this cruel cold era. Nonetheless its hard to keep customers interested if you only have basic business card just like everybody else does (#np The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?). An overview of state of business card industry revealed that 88% of business cards that people receive are thrown away in less than a week. So re-think about your business card design probably an easy way out. Here, we present you 7 business card trends to get inspired by.


Rectangular shape always be on top of any other shapes when it comes to business card. But you read the statistics above, right? Lets make a better world by making less things thrown away (at least not in a week, nah). You can choose business card with round corner to make it visually more pleasing. Another choice is die-cuts, which also a great option for business card design that sure make your card stand out.

7 Business Card Trends to Get Inspired By
ShopAround by Toko, Australia

Large Photos

Large photo use should be a great way to undergo makeover on your business card. Not only to make your card visually more attracting but also create interests for your products or services.

7 Business Card Trends to Get Inspired By
Keller William's card


If you get enough of minimalist business card, here’s an example of how illustration is something to be inspired by.

7 Business Card Trends to Get Inspired By
Talor&Jørgen by Bielke & Yang, Norway


Another option you can choose to make your business card easily noticeable is letterpress textures. Embossed and textured business card helps you get professional impression about what your company’s specialty. Especially if you love minimalist, this should be a way to go.

7 Business Card Trends to Get Inspired By
Lorod by Pentagram’s Natasha Jen, United States

Foil and metallic finish

This kind of finish brings elegance to your business card. Be ready when your business card catch the eye of everyone better then yourself.

7 Business Card Trends to Get Inspired By
Sue Ann Simon by Moo, London


Materials of business card is also a good idea for those who want to directly convey your offerings. You can make a business card with wood as the material, to show that your business specialized at producing furniture maybe.

7 Business Card Trends to Get Inspired By
Exotic Wood by Steve Zelle, Ottawa

Color Options

Another statistics said that business card with color lasts longer than those with basic white on. Well other than choosing random color for you business card why not using psychology color? Every color has its portion on delivering a business image. You can learn about what’s the right color for your business here.

7 Business Card Trends to Get Inspired By
Chez Olivier by Swear Words, Australia

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